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Full Version: Questions for a practicing/retired architect
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Hi, I'm searching for an Architect to answer a few questions in order for me to complete an assignment, and gain a greater understanding of the profession and those who work in it! Any and all answers are appreciated ASAP. A name and business name are also appreciated for referencing purposes. 

Thanks in advance. 

a) Your educational background and duration of study.

b) Your role in general and how it relates to designing a building.
c) Your opinions of the roles of other professions on the building site (designer, builder, decorator).
d) What do you do as a professional to keep abreast of the technological changes in the industry?
e) Do you attend any conferences, exhibitions, workshops?
f) Do you liaise with other professionals in the industry for support?
g) What professional journals do you read?
h) Which reference manual or text book do you find most helpful?
i) How often do you need to update materials?
Hi Int3ri0rs - looks like no responses. I am assuming your assignment is history now. 

The lack of response might be at least partially because some of the questions you asked are too broad, vague or open ended - potentially an essay on their own, and it is hard to expect any busy professional  to invest that sort of time in addressing them, especially without knowing anything about you, what the context is or what you already know about architectural practice, and thus what would need to be explained to you as part of any reply.

Nobody can speak for the whole profession, and certainly nobody is going to disclose their thoughts on at least one of those questions in a public forum

If you are asked to research something like this again, I suggest you phone interview a few architects in the first instance - people are far more likely to be forthcoming in a 2 way dialogue.  

If you are still working on your assignment, feel free to ask again, and if you want some buy-in maybe let us know more about you, your course of study, and maybe focus the questions a bit, in a way that shows you are not expecting your subjects to write your essay for you.

... "Your role in general and how it relates to designing a building." for example is an odd question to ask an architect, making the rest seem a bit spurious as well..