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Full Version: Good to see some evidence of architectural thought for Mars habitats
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Archdaily article. Worth a look.

(27-Jul-2018, 12:08 AM)admin Wrote: [ -> ]Archdaily article. Worth a look.

And here is a link to all 5 stage 1 winners.
Interesting to see some modular design features appearing in some of the designs.
Given that the construction method is printing, I would question why this is the case, perhaps it might be to create some cognitive connection to how its done back home, so as not to alienate the inhabitants [?]
Outside images dominate too, although, given the outdoor conditions, it is more likely that the interior will become the facade.
What we also know is that acceleration due to gravity is significantly less than on earth, and yet we see no discernible difference to the familiar dome [arch] structures designed for 9.8m/s2, down here, and no lofty expression of floating, in the way the proposed structures contact with the ground.
Makes me think are we really ready to let go of home.
I see there is a video intended to justify the winning entry cylindrical form on at least technical grounds, even if arguably not fully engaging in an architectonic sense with the low martian gravity environment
Another video, from an entry that did not make it to the final cut, but looks to be based on a fair extrapolation of current technological advances

Not clear to me what purpose is served with the very large gap implied between the 3D printed radiation shell and inflatable interior.  Maybe shielded maintenance/construction access?
Some more architects looking at Mars construction issues: