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Questions for a practicing/retired architect - Int3ri0rs - 19-Sep-2017

Hi, I'm searching for an Architect to answer a few questions in order for me to complete an assignment, and gain a greater understanding of the profession and those who work in it! Any and all answers are appreciated ASAP. A name and business name are also appreciated for referencing purposes. 

Thanks in advance. 

a) Your educational background and duration of study.

b) Your role in general and how it relates to designing a building.
c) Your opinions of the roles of other professions on the building site (designer, builder, decorator).
d) What do you do as a professional to keep abreast of the technological changes in the industry?
e) Do you attend any conferences, exhibitions, workshops?
f) Do you liaise with other professionals in the industry for support?
g) What professional journals do you read?
h) Which reference manual or text book do you find most helpful?
i) How often do you need to update materials?