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Technical: H1 compliance - calculation methods
Hi Stuart
I’m unsure if you are just looking for a simple assessment for Building Consent, or have a more complex building requiring a ‘Modelling Method’ analysis.

Since 2010 I have been using thermal simulation software, as brought to NZ for EECA’s HERS star-ratings, to provide objective data for NZBC-H1 compliance; and/or to compare design/material/orientation options so as to inform the design process for the particular building on its specific site so as to maximise passive thermal performance. The assessments are accepted by Councils for NZBC-H1 consents for houses, apartment complexes, as well as specialised buildings such a sports centres.
Phone me on 04 499 3015 if you want to discuss further, and I can give you the names of Architects and ADNZ designers in the Auckland area with whom I have worked on their projects.
Cheers, Keith Huntington - EcoRate Ltd-Architect

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