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Technical: Standards for Nails and screws
(10-Oct-2017, 09:02 PM)admin Wrote:
(10-Oct-2017, 08:14 PM)Guest Wrote: Hi Clive - Table 4.4 in NZS3604 covers off nails and screws, or were you looking for something more specific..?

Hi 'Guest' - just a note that since you were not signed in to the forum when responding,  your message was automatically held in limbo until I came along as moderator to 'approve' your reply (in case you were a Nigerian spammer ) 
Absolutely fine, but logging first before replying is even better as this eliminates the gamble that I might not spot your message for a while  (I think it took me a month to find one message)

apologies - that'll teach me for replying late at night on my phone ...

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