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Environmental: Otuataua Stonefields
Sounds like cultural vandalism and an absolute outrage on the face of it. 

Fletcher's thick skinned developer 'ignore or crush all obstacles' mentality in pursuit of narrow objectives was on display on the TV news this evening, with embarrassingly ham fisted attempts to spin the suburban blight they are hell bent on spreading as 'community building'.

Something sadly reflected by their narrow minded (aka 'practical') counterparts here in Christchurch, in obliterating every trace of our recent colonial history that was not of immediate commercial interest, while we were too overwhelmed with our own issues to protest after the earthquakes.  

Not as if we are actually even short of land or housing in NZ.  
That so many want those things in Auckland reflects a preference, not even remotely a necessity that must be pandered to at any cost.

Listener article here
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